Wor, The Biak Traditional Folksongs: Their Types And Symbols

Markus Ricky Rumansara Reimundus Raymond Fatubun
2021 Zenodo  
The Biak tribe inhabits the Biak Island, in the Cenderawasih Bay, to the north of the island Papua. For generations this tribe has preserved their art traditions, one of which is called wor. Wor is a kind of folksong accompanied by traditional musical instrument called tandip and dances. Wor is divided into several types, distinguished by melody, rhythm, and social functions. Every wor is divided into a kadwor or tip and a fuar or root. Wor is an obligatory ritual that must be performed by the
more » ... iak people throughout life. To save this tradition from extinction, this study was done. This study tried to find out the types andfunctions of wor. The study found ten types: (1)Kankarem, (2) Byeuser, (3) Erisam, (4) Kayoub, (5) Mamun, (6)Wonggei, (7) Arbur, (8) Kansyaru, (9)Randan, and (10)Morinkin. These are the important symbols found in the wor lyrics: 1) the Morning Star, Sampari; (2) the bird of Paradise; (3) the sireb (wooden drum); (4)ayumbab, (a place for comfort and happiness); (5) kamasan(the black smith); (6) manwen (witch); (7) sares (antiques); (8) benambojareno(merriment); (9) 'yen Saoneko' (the sand of Saoneko); and (10) apenobesasyek(burned stones and the smell of food).
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5784731 fatcat:gdbbt2nyxvhvdb232jwthmbvqq