SoC It To Me? Reply to McDaniel On MaxCon Simples

Ned Markosian
2004 Australasian Journal of Philosophy  
I raised the following question in a recent paper: What are the necessary and jointly sufficient conditions for an object's being a simple? And I proposed and defended this answer (which I called "MaxCon"): Necessarily, x is a simple iff x is a maximally continuous object. In a more recent paper, Kris McDaniel raises several objections to MaxCon, including, in particular, two objections based on a principle about the supervenience of constitution that he calls "SoC". The purpose of the present
more » ... ose of the present paper is to address the main objections raised by McDaniel, and to show that none of them poses a serious threat to MaxCon.
doi:10.1080/713659841 fatcat:to6pg2fxvfhhnji6dkks2y2zci