Advanced Models for Modulus and Strength of Carbon-Nanotube-Filled Polymer Systems Assuming the Networks of Carbon Nanotubes and Interphase Section

Yasser Zare, Kyongyop Rhee
2021 Mathematics  
This study focuses on the simultaneous stiffening and percolating characteristics of the interphase section in polymer carbon nanotubes (CNTs) systems (PCNTs) using two advanced models of tensile modulus and strength. The interphase, as a third part around the nanoparticles, influences the mechanical features of such systems. The forecasts agree well with the tentative results, thus validating the advanced models. A CNT radius of >40 nm and CNT length of <5 μm marginally improve the modulus by
more » ... ove the modulus by 70%, while the highest modulus development of 350% is achieved with the thinnest nanoparticles. Furthermore, the highest improvement in nanocomposite's strength (350%) is achieved with the CNT length of 12 μm and interfacial shear strength of 8 MPa. Generally, the highest ranges of the CNT length, interphase thickness, interphase modulus and interfacial shear strength lead to the most desirable mechanical features.
doi:10.3390/math9090990 fatcat:xhzb7j3vorajjnn3qqk67agdgm