Technique of increasing the accuracy of GTE parts manufactured by selective laser melting

I S Stepanenko, V A Pechenin, N V Ruzanov, A I Khaimovich
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Among the complex profile components of modern gas turbine engines, special attention is paid to the impellers and its blades, and their surfaces have the most strict requirements for geometric precision. At the present time, additive technologies are becoming increasingly widespread, through which it is possible to obtain complex shape parts in a short time with minimal post-processing. However, the process of selective laser melting (SLM) is accompanied by a constantly changing redistribution
more » ... of temperature stresses in the fusion zone and in the entire part, which can lead to significant deflections of geometry. The authors propose a technique that allows reducing the drawbacks that occurs during the printing process. The technique is based on the use of computer simulation of the selective laser process for predicting deflections and subsequent pre-correction of the input triangulation model by moving the nodes of its surfaces. Based on the results of the approbation, control and analysis of the batch parts obtained by SLM, an additional algorithm for compensating for discrepancies that exist due to instability of the process was implemented with MATLAB.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1096/1/012143 fatcat:7u474wps35gmtakq2sre4lwzsq