Fabrication and Testing of All-solid-state Nanoscale Lithium Batteries Using LiPON for Electrolytes

Feihu Tan, XiaoPing Liang, Feng Wei, Jun Du, C.-H. Weng, R. Weerasinghe
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
The amorphous LiPON thin film was obtained by using the crystalline Li3PO4 target and the RF magnetron sputtering method at a N2 working pressure of 1 Pa. and then the morphology and composition of LiPON thin films are analysed by SEM and EDS. SEM shows that the film was compact and smooth, while EDS shows that the content of N in LiPON thin film was about 17.47%. The electrochemical properties of Pt/LiPON/Pt were analysed by EIS, and the ionic conductivity of LiPON thin films was 3.8×10 -7
more » ... s was 3.8×10 -7 S/cm. By using the hard mask in the magnetron sputtering process, the all-solid-state thin film battery with Si/Ti/Pt/LiCoO2/LiPON/Li4Ti5O12/Pt structure was prepared, and its electrical properties were studied. As for this thin film battery, the open circuit voltage was 1.9 V and the first discharge specific capacity was 34.7 μAh/cm 2 ·μm at a current density of 5 μA/cm -2 ,indicating that is promising in all-solidstate thin film batteries.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20185301008 fatcat:gktkt7rynrdrzfjxpscmtvtujq