Application of BIM Technology in Construction of Visual Simulation

Binjie Qian, Liyuan Wang, Xiaotong Cui, Liu Chao
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2018)   unpublished
With the building size, shape, function more and more complex, building systems have become more complex, often to a variety of complex piping systems are arranged in a limited space, and also to meet the appropriate space requirements. In order to achieve an intuitive understanding of the key parts of space conditions, and thus a reasonable layout of the respective tube, better use of the limited space, and effectively improve the design efficiency and quality, proposed construction BIM
more » ... zation techniques. In this paper, examples of a complex building construction for the study, the use of simulation software Revit building information model (building models and water drains Model) creation, combined Navisworks software for project construction visualization. BIM technology can provide interacting and reaction visualizations between various construction components. The result of visualization can be used for architectural renderings exhibition and financial statements formation, moreover, all the communications, discussions, and decisions during project designing, construction, and operation are under an uniform visualized framework. As a result, architects can understand spatial arrangement in critical parts of project and take benefit of designing reasonable layout. Meanwhile, space utility rate and quality of project will also be improved by using BIM based technology. This paper focus on a comprehensive building construction project which implemented based on visualized analysis model. The model is built by BIM technology-based Revit series software and visualized application analysis is under Autodesk Navisworks framework. These techniques can supervise actual project construction, furthermore, an example of BIM technology based project is provided to other enterprises. BIM technology analysis Definition of BIM BIM is short for Building Information Model, which integrates relevant information in construction project together. In order to present details of project, 3D visualization and digitization of information technologies are employed [1] . Information representation problem is a critical issue in construction project while the implementation of BIM technology can help architects and engineers understanding relevant information. Moreover, with the assist of Building Information Model, they would come up with appropriate approaches and solutions. This will significantly enhance the teamwork during the construction project. Implementing BIM technology can achieve better construction quality, project efficiency, and cost reduction, which means more profits. This will lead construction information technology to a new era.
doi:10.2991/iceep-18.2018.19 fatcat:7lw5z6dozrhzzgf5uv6fx5jp3i