From conscious to unconscious and back. Remarks on Melanie Klein's interpretation of Magic Word

Marta Iwaszuk
2020 Revista Amazonía investiga  
The paper examines fluctuations between conscious and unconscious modes of mind functioning as outlined in Melanie Klein's interpretation of Magic Word (Klein, 1929/1948), using the double lens of psychoanalytic and semiotic concepts of symbol. The study aims to explore the process of transformation that takes place in conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, when the mind overcomes maniac defences and is confronted with core depressive recognition: a truth about separateness of individual,
more » ... and all anxieties it arouses. The examination of conscious aspects of depressive position will be performed through the prism of Charles Peirce (1998) semiotic, while unconscious content will be explored according to Melanie Klein psychoanalysis. The results of the study reveal, that employment of psychoanalytic and semiotic perspective simultaneously, when examining dynamics of psychic position, allows to break down the process to smaller, but still explorable sequences. Such approach allows not only to study most distinctive elements of the position but also to track dependencies that occur between them in time on both conscious and unconscious level. Moreover breaking down depressive dynamic to the smaller sequences facilitates more careful monitoring of the disturbing influence of unconscious to consciousness when psychotic response picks up. Similarly, sequential view enables more precise identification of the point when triangle space returns, and so facilitates analysis of conditions associated with that important change.
doi:10.34069/ai/2020.33.09.2 fatcat:5653ulto3nczdc6kto2r3mgj54