Anatomical Consideration of the Motor Point Location of the Tibialis Anterior Muscle for effective Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Hirokazu Narita, Shoji Chiba, Hideki Yoshida, Hideaki Mizohata, Yoshikazu Tonosaki, Noritaka Ichinohe
2011 Journal of Physical Therapy Science  
Purpose] We attempted to locate the motor points (MPs) of the tibialis anterior muscle (TA) for more effective neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). [Subjects] We dissected 16 legs from 12 cadavers. [Methods] Branches of the deep peroneal nerve were traced to their entry into TA (MPs). We defined the FH-LM line connecting the fibular head to the lateral malleolus and the pFH-LM perpendicular to the FH-LM lines that ran through each MP. The distance from the fibular head to MPs projected
more » ... d to MPs projected on the FH-LM line was measured. On the pFH-LM line, the width of TA and the distance from the lateral edge of TA to each MP were measured. The location of each MP was expressed as a percentage of total length of the FH-LM line and of TA width, respectively. [Results] The median number of MPs was 8 per cadaver. About 68% of all MPs were located within the proximal one-third of the FH-LM line. The average location of the thickest motor branch MP was 4.2 cm (13.9 %) on the FH-LM line and 0.9 cm (33.5 %) medial from the lateral edge of TA. [Conclusion] This data should enable more effective NMES.
doi:10.1589/jpts.23.381 fatcat:4znivlsznncjhkwlvlfmtnlmjy