Extension of the "Timepass" Period from the Perspective of Social Change in Africa

Miku Ogawa
Africa Educational Research Journal  
African countries are impacted by various social changes within a global context. This article mainly focuses on educated youths' unemployment by using the term "timepass," which describes the period in which youths search for jobs after completing their education. There are two reasons for the "timepass" period of youth unemployment: (1) rapid educational expansion, which arises despite (2) insufficient opportunities in the labor market. Using a case study conducted in rural Kenya from 2014 to
more » ... 2019, this article also reviews the following as factors in terms of determining the "timepass" period: (1) availability of cash, (2) utilizing diversified tertiary education, and (3) access to information. As international organizations have emphasized the importance of education, it is important to build quality schools. However, it is also necessary to understand the opportunities available after education as a part of the education system, as people pursue basic education with the consideration of the opportunities available after their education. Taking this perspective into account while conducting academic research is also essential to respond to social changes in Africa.
doi:10.50919/africaeducation.11.0_3 fatcat:dcpc5qyzw5eo7n2eezsk5ecw3e