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1923 Nature  
NATURE [JuNE9, 1923 ~arbon dioxide) the germinating power of seeds of this plant has been proved to be unchanged after eleven years. The seeds of other plants have given similar results.-L. J. Simon : The determination of carbon in arable soil. The method of wet combustion with silver bichromate is recommended.~ J. M. Lahy : The graphical study of the stroke in typewriting. The speed of typewriting is a function of the alternation of the hands. No general rule can be given as to the number of
more » ... ngers to be used ; the touch is personal, and the most favourable mode of working can only be obtained by study of the individual.-Auguste Lumiere: The toxicity of autolysates and of tissue extracts.-}. Lopez-Lomba : Changes in weight of the organs of the pigeon in the course of B-avitaminosis. The changes of w~ight in ten isolated organs of the pigeon fed with a diet deficient in B-vitamins are shown graphically.-Samec and V. Isajevic: The composition of glycogen. A comparison of the properties of starch and glycogen. There are various points of difference, the most marked being the higher proportion of phosphorus in the glycogen.-}. Voicu: The effect of humus in small and larger doses on the fixation of nitrogen by Azobacter chroococcum.-Alphonse Labbe; The influence of the increasing PH of sea-water on the rapidity of segmentation of the eggs of Halosydna and Sabellaria.-Robert Dollfus: The trematode of mother-of-pearl in Provence mussels. -Foveau de Courmelles : The similitude of forms of shock in medicine, their dangerous but avoidable superposition. A discussion of anaphylactic shock produced by X-ray treatment, and means of avoiding it. CAPE TOWN.
doi:10.1038/111796a0 fatcat:wqqsuwb2zvbm3ojrnswcj2ov3y