Revisiting the relationship between morality and law in the spiritual and moral development of the individual
К вопросу о соотношении морали и права в духовно-нравственном развитии личности

О.М. Guseynov, Dagestan State University, G.О. Guseynov, Dagestan State Medical University
2019 Herald of Dagestan State University  
The article studies the relationship between morality and law in the process of spiritual and moral development of an individual. The authors substantiate the idea that alongside with literature, art, scientific worldview, public opinion and other aspects actively influencing the spiritual and moral development of an individual, morality and law both influence an individual, as the symbiotic relationship of these important social regulators in the behavior of an individual in any sphere of
more » ... activity contributes both to the harmonization of public life and to the awareness of efficient governing in moulding and development of a personality. At the same time, the problem of all-round personal development is regarded as a continuous process connected with perfection of an individual's moral and ethical culture, ability to develop, involving other possible ways, defining one's pro-active approach to life. Keywords: spiritual and moral personality development, dialectic of interrelation and interpenetration of morality and law, system-centrism, personocentrism, political instinct of common good.
doi:10.21779/2500-1930-2019-34-1-21-28 fatcat:6ekbsxk6rrdatixmeb6443oj5i