Crystal structure of methyl-4-(4-ethylbenzamido)-2-sulfamoylbenzoate, C17H18N2O5S

Mei-Yi Wang
2009 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
Source of material Reagents and solvents used were of commercially available quality. The title compound was prepared similarly to the reported procedure [1]. Dropwise 4-ethylbenzoyl chloride (7.5 mmol) was added to methyl 4-amino-2-sulfamoylbenzoate (7.50 mmol) in THF (20 ml) solution, then refluxed for 4h.Colorless single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction were obtained by recrystallization from amixture of ethyl acetate and petroleum ether. Experimental details The Hatoms bonded to Cand
more » ... Natoms were positioned geometrically and refined using ar iding model [aliphatic d(C-H) = 0.97(2) Å and d(N-H) =0.86 Å, U iso (H) =1.2 U eq (C)]. The Hatoms bonded to Oatoms were located in difference Fourier maps and refined with O-H distance restraints of 0.85(2) Å and U iso(H) =1.5 Ueq(O). Discussion Amides are very useful starting materials for the synthesis of various bioactive molecules [2] . These compounds are also widely applied in medicine [3] and agriculture [4] . In view of these facts and in continuation of our interest in the agriculture,we attempted to synthesize aseries of amide derivatives, some of which have comparatively high fungicidal activity.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.2009.0056 fatcat:4eglu6lnb5ay5hoxqcnshm6u6u