Implementation Software to Secure Virtual Machines with Remote Grid of Secure Elements

Hassane Aissaoui-Mehrez, Pascal Urien, Guy Pujolle
2014 2014 IEEE Military Communications Conference  
Security for Future Networks (SecFuNet) is a Brazilian & European research project. The emerging Cloud of Secure Elements infrastructure is used for enforcing identity of Virtual Machines in the Cloud Computing. One of the main goals of the SecFuNet project is to develop a secure infrastructure for virtualized environments and Clouds that not only provides high availability and reliability for users, but that also provides strong isolation among virtual infrastructures. The project aims to
more » ... op a security framework for Cloud Computing and virtual environments. The goal of this paper is to describe the implementation and the experimentation of the solution for identifying users and nodes in the SecFuNet architecture. In this implementation, only authorized users are allowed to create or instantiate virtual environments. Thus, users and hypervisors are equipped with secure elements, used to open TLS secure channels with strong mutual authentication. Finally, since the physical substrates are shared by several resources (Users, VMs ...), the proposed framework must ensure that one resource cannot interfere with the operations of another resource.
doi:10.1109/milcom.2014.51 fatcat:bh4wakv3xfeqbc6q6dyhlkma64