1912 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Patient.\p=m-\DeliaN., a girl, white, aged. 8\m=1/2\,was admitted to the Lincoln State School and Colony Jan. 29, 1912. Family history shows both mother and father and grandparents on both sides to be living and well. Brothers and sisters of the patient are living and well. She was the fourth born of five children, weighing 9 pounds at birth, full term. It was noted at birth that she had a nevus covering all of the right side of the body and a small blotch on the left thigh. It was also said
more » ... t she had had a convulsion at the age of 1 year, the character of which is not known. No history could be obtained as to the exact time when epileptic seizures commenced. Examination.\p=m-\The patient was a well-nourished child weighing about 58 pounds with a large reddish-purple discoloration of the skin on the entire right side with a small amount on the left thigh on its upper third. There was no deformity of the osseous structure. There were several scars on the child which she no doubt received during convulsions. There was a slight myocarditis and some tympanites. Eye reflexes were unattainable on account of the constant tossing and restlessness of the child during the examination. The patellar reflexes Were exaggerated on both sides, somewhat more on the left. Tcndo Achillis reflexes were much diminished. The Babinski sieji wus absent on both sides. No definite information could be obtained, but it seemed as though the hearing and sight of the child were faulty. Gait was affected due to a talipes equinovarus of both feet.
doi:10.1001/jama.1912.04260030255014 fatcat:wwajn4iojrhdje4tviubi2deby