Analysis of 3D Formation Pressure Based on Logging Data

Yanan Sheng, Zhichuan Guan, Kai Wei, Yuqiang Xu
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovations   unpublished
A method for constructing regional 3D formation pressure based on logging data was established in this paper. It aims to deal with the problem that constructing regional 3D formation pressure in the block which is short of the seismic data or has poor quality of seismic data. To begin with, logging data and core data of drilled wells were collected. Making full use of the fine continuity and accurate resolving capability of logging data, we calculated the formation pressure of drilled wells
more » ... f drilled wells based on the Eaton law. In addition, based on the concept of digital strata,the concept of formation matrix was put forward. What's more, formation matrix of the aimed layer group was built by making use of the drilled well formation pressure based on the epitaxial transfer algorithm. Finally, we realized the description of the regional 3D formation pressure. To verify the reliability of the method, one drilled well formation pressure was derived from the 3D formation pressure. It is compared with the pressure interpreted by the logging data. The maximum error is less than 5%. Finally, by using the visible language, the software of describing 3D formation pressure was developed. And it is conductive to drilling engineer to predict formation pressure which can provide the basis for the casing design and the selection of the drilling fluid density.
doi:10.2991/iceti-16.2016.29 fatcat:qjdb6dvep5gb3cascdrp2xiawi