1911 British Journal of Psychology 1904-1920  
s 9. 5 10. I. The Place of Imtinct in Animal Development. General considerations. Instinct and Compound RefEex Action. Instinct m d Intelligence. Physiological Correhtive of Instinct. II. Tha Nesting of Solitary Wasps. Illustrations of the fallibility and vam'ability of Instincts. Intelligeace assists the Instincts at every step : its h d a t w n s . Suggestiona toward a n explanation of the development of the. Critical points in the liye-history of animals. Amount of food supplied by Wasps to
more » ... heir larvae; the killing or paralysing of prey; exploring and concealing the nest ; behaviour to parasites. The memory of wasps; their sense of quantity; adaptatwn of means to ends. Wasps' nesting instinct. I. THE PLACE OF INSTINCT IN ANIMAL DEVELOPMENT. 5 1. IN a recent number of the British Journal of Psychology, the relations between Instinct and Intelligence were fully discussed and illustrated in various aspects by several distinguished writers. There was general agreement that these functions are not opposed one to another in any exclusive way but co-operate in the life of animals. This is so plain to anyone who considers the facts that we wonder how other views should still so widely prevail. The popular belief, shared by some scientific men, seems to depend upon three influences: (1) the J. of Peyoh. IV
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