Optical and electrical properties of (Ti-V)Ox thin film as n-type Transparent Oxide Semiconductor

M. Mazur, J. Domaradzki, D. Wojcieszak
2014 Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences  
In this paper, the influence of vanadium doping on optical and electrical properties of titanium dioxide thin films has been discussed. The (Ti-V)Ox thin films was deposited on silicon and Corning glass substrates using high energy reactive magnetron sputtering process. Measurements performed with the aid of x-ray diffraction revealed, that deposited thin film was composed of nanocrystalline mixture of TiO2-anatase, V2O3 and β-V2O5 phases. The amount of vanadium in the thin film, estimated on
more » ... ilm, estimated on the basis of energy dispersive spectroscopy measurement, was equal to 3 at. %. Optical properties were evaluated based on transmission and reflection measurements. (Ti-V)Ox thin film was well transparent and the absorption edge was shifted by only 11 nm towards longer wavelengths in comparison to undoped TiO2. Electrical measurements revealed, that investigated thin film was transparent oxide semiconductors with n-type electrical conduction and resistivity of about 2.7 · 105 Ωcm at room temperature. Additionally, measured I-V characteristics of TOS-Si heterostructure were nonlinear and asymmetrical.
doi:10.2478/bpasts-2014-0063 fatcat:dasazpbwx5hvpgi3n6v3vkso3i