Ayurvedic and modern recent treatment modalities on hemorrhoids: a review article`

Swapnil Patil
2019 Ayurlog: national journal of research in ayurveda science  
Ayurveda is an ancient science which protect health in healthy individuals and cures the condition in diseased population.Ayurveda is the science of life and Shalya Tantra is important branch, Which represent the surgical field. One of the prime important disease from Ashtamahagad is Arsha. Arsha is defined as a disease which torture patients vital force as enemy is called as Arsha. Arsha correlated with hemorrhoids described in modern science.(Haema-blood & rhoos-flowing). In Ayurveda our
more » ... n Ayurveda our Acharya described four type of treatment for Arsha, which is Bheshaj (conservative), Kshar, Agni, Shastra (surgery). In modern science hemorrhoids are defined as the protrusion of varicose vein from the rectal mucosal membrane in the rectal area which can grow to quit large size if not checked in time.it is one of the commonest diseas.Its incidence increases with advancing age. There are various kind of treatment Dietary Lifestyle modification,Tropical treatment, Oral medication, Parasurgical and Surgical treatment and modality is used to care. Sclerotherapy, Cryotherapy, Electriccoagulation, Infracoagulation, Radiofrequency coagulation & excision, Dopplerlar guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation, Stapled hemorrhoidectomy,these are parasurgical procedures on hemorrhoids. Closed and Open hemorrhoidectomy, Harmonic scalpel and literature, Atomizer ward, these are surgical treatment on hemorrhoids. In this review article on attempt has been made to review the study carried out on Arsha.
doi:10.52482/ayurlog.v7i07.436 fatcat:qwx65tzg3fhupnp5yrkecbiohq