Pipeline in-line inspection challenges to NDT

J B Nestleroth
2006 Insight (Northampton)  
A vast network of pipelines transports large volumes of energy products over long distances from production wells to processing and consumption sites. The pipeline industry relies on nondestructive testing (NDT) methods to detect and characterize the degradation and damage. To quickly and economically survey the large portions of the infrastructure, autonomous in-line inspection tools, commonly referred to as pigs, examine the pipe from the inside as they are propelled by the product flow.
more » ... ands of kilometres of pipelines are examined using various implementations of electromagnetic and ultrasonic modalities. Inspection tool developers are challenged to implement sensitive measurement technology on a platform that must survive the pipeline environment. This paper will review fundamental challenges that restrict the implementation of NDT technologies that are applied in other industries. The anomaly types that affect pipeline operation will also be reviewed to frame the gaps between inspection capability of existing tools and inspection needs of the pipeline industry.
doi:10.1784/insi.2006.48.9.524 fatcat:yqa7xd22mnb2ldwjbr4htf6e2m