============================================================== Ambedkar's Views on Caste: Justice and National Unity

P Parthasarathy
Caste is one of the most challenging social institutions of India. It has divided society into various rigid categories. The caste becomes a vote bank for political parties leaving no scope for individual decision-making. The political positions are decided by caste than individual. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar opposed caste, despite being a victim of this institution. His opposition to caste was not based on negative or violent reaction but it is based on humane and rational approach. Ambedkar denied
more » ... Ambedkar denied accepting caste as a race or any other physical entity. Caste is not race as there is hardly any racial similarity between the same caste men of different regions. Castes can ultimately be annihilated only by inter-caste marriage, it is also imperative for every citizen to leave aside traditional religious beliefs and teachings that hold sacred and unchangeable.