A Computability Strategy for Optimization of Multiresolution Broadcast Systems: A Layered Energy Distribution Approach

M. Sehlstedt, J.P. LeBlanc
2006 IEEE transactions on broadcasting  
This paper investigates the possible system gain for a multiresolution broadcast system using multilayer transmission of multiresolution data by utilizing nonuniform layer transmission energies. It shows how to find the energy distribution that maximizes the system performance, measured in the form of a sum of a weighted layer values population product (representing possible revenue for service providers). Through the introduction of the relative population coverage function ( ) it is shown for
more » ... a layer system that in many cases when ( ) is a concave function (equivalent to ( ) being convex) it is possible to reduce what seems to be an -dimensional problem to line searches. The paper also shows how the relative population coverage function can be constructed in two ways. The first uses analytic models for signal strength and population coverage (Uniform and Rayleigh). The second uses numerical signal strength and population estimates in grid format. The paper also includes examples to illustrate how the method works and the performance gain it provides. One of the examples uses actual grid estimates for an example transmitter located in Luleå, Sweden.
doi:10.1109/tbc.2005.857603 fatcat:rxhstxg3irhgzdogp5dkz5g64a