Analyses of Open Security Issues for Smart Home and Sensor Network Based on Internet of Things [chapter]

Jung Tae (Steve) Kim
2022 IoT Applications Computing  
A lot of communication are developed and advanced with different and heterogeneous communication techniques by integration of wireless and wire connection. Conventional technology is mainly focus on information technology based on computer techniques in the field of industry, manufacture and automation fields. It consists of individual skill and technique. As new technologies are developed and enhanced with conventional techniques, a lot of new application is emerged and merged with previous
more » ... hanism and skills. The representative application is internet of things services and applications. Internet of things is breakthrough technologies and one of the innovation industries which are called 4 generation industry revolution. Many different types of object and devices are embedded in sensor node. They are inter-connected with optimized open system interconnection protocol over internet, wireless and wire medium. Most of communication is fully inter-connected with conventional techniques at point to point and end to application in general. Most of information in internet of things is weak against attack. This may induce vulnerable features to unauthorized and outside attacker over internet protocol, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and so forth. As high and low efficient equipment are merged into heterogeneous infrastructure, IoT communication surroundings has become more complex, Due to limited resources in IoT such as small memory, low power and computing power, IoT devices are vulnerable and disclosed with security problems. In this chapter, we analyzed security challenges and threats based on smart home network under IoT service.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.97851 fatcat:6bkcdwr7z5hqfglpdcem7f2opu