Exosomal miRNA-328-3p Targets ZO-3 and Inhibits Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Proliferation [post]

Zhao Han, Yang Jinxin, Wang Qian, Cui Zhanding, Li Dengliang, Niu Jiangting, Guo Yanbing, Zhang Qian, Zhang Shuang, Zhao Yanli, Wang Kai, Lian Wei (+1 others)
2021 unpublished
As essential transfer carriers for cell-to-cell communication and genetic material, exosomes carry microRNAs that participate in the regulation of various biological processes. MicroRNA is a type of single-stranded noncoding RNA that can bind to specific target gene mRNA to degrade or inhibit its translation, thereby regulating the expression of related target genes. At present, it is known that a variety of microRNAs are involved in the viral infection process, but there are few reports on
more » ... arch into the specific microRNAs involved in PEDV infection. In this study, we isolated and identified exosomes in PEDV-infected Vero E6 cells. Using transcriptomics technology, we found that miRNA-328-3p was significantly downregulated in exosomes following PEDV infection. Moreover, exosomal miRNA-328-3p inhibits cell infection by PEDV through targeting and inhibition of tight junction protein-3 (TJP-3/ZO-3) in recipient cells. Our findings provide evidence that after infecting cells, PEDV downregulates the expression of miRNA-328-3p, and the resulting reduced inhibition of the target ZO-3 protein helps to enhance PEDV infection. These results provide new insights for understanding the regulatory mechanism of PEDV infection.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-231513/v1 fatcat:gta2hibzprg5fltp433i44fckm