JEM Spotlight: Environmental monitoring of airborne nanoparticles

L. Morawska, H. Wang, Z. Ristovski, E. R. Jayaratne, G. Johnson, H. C. Cheung, X. Ling, C. He
2009 Journal of Environmental Monitoring  
The aim of this work was to review the existing instrumental methods to monitor airborne nanoparticle in different types of indoor and outdoor environments in order to detect their presence and to characterise their properties. Firstly the terminology and definitions used in this field are discussed, which is followed by a review of the methods to measure particle physical characteristics including 15 number concentration, size distribution and surface area. An extensive discussion is provided
more » ... n the direct methods for particle elemental composition measurements, as well as on indirect methods providing information on particle volatility and solubility, and thus in turn on volatile and semivolatile compounds of which the particle is composed. A brief summary of broader considerations related to nanoparticle monitoring in different environments concludes the paper. 20
doi:10.1039/b912589m pmid:19809699 fatcat:2tqpgl6cyvftnb3ditg7qcg3pe