Development of a Methodology for Determination and Analysis of Thermal Displacements of Machine Tools Using Finite Elements Method and Artificial Neural Network

Romualdo Figueiredo de Sousa, Fracisco Augusto Vieira da Silva, João Bosco Aquino Silva, José Carlos de Lima Júnior
2014 Journal of Mechanics Engineering and Automation  
In the processes of manufacturing, MT (machine tools) plays an important role in the manufacture of work pieces with complex and high dimensional and geometric accuracy. Much of the errors of a machine tool are those which are thermally induced which are from internal and external heat sources acting on the machine. In this paper, a methodology for determining and analyzing the thermal deformation of machine tools using FEM (finite element method) and ANN (artificial neural networks) is
more » ... d. After modeling the machine using FEM is defined the location of the heat sources, it is possible to obtain the temperature gradient and the corresponding thermal deformation at predetermined periods. Results obtained with simulations using the software NX.7.5 showed that this methodology is an effective tool in determining the thermal deformation of the machine, correlating the temperature reading at strategic points with volumetric deformation at the tool tip. Therefore, the thermal analysis of the errors in the pair tool part can be established. After training and validation process, the network will be able to make the prediction of thermal errors just stating the temperature values of specific points of each heat source , providing a way for compensation of thermally induced errors.
doi:10.17265/2159-5275/2014.06.003 fatcat:ihh6e42kcrdkdcjphdra467szu