Wi-Fi Combined Visible Light Commnication for Intelligent Transportation System

Communication based on visible spectrum is a mode of communication wireless technology using the visible spectra by typical transmitters and receivers.Thistechnology, in developing Intelligent Transportation is a cost-reuction method. Currently Radio Frequency(RF)-based technology is used for road safety application and ripping out this method entirely by replacing it with VLC is not particularly feasible, so that the idea is retrofiting system that currently uses to work with combining both RF
more » ... and VLC technologies. Here paper presents the specific technologies of wireless methodology for the Intelligent Transportation, which helps to minimize the occurrence of road accidents, optimize the road traffic and improve the safe of devices and roadside users. Application based on communication of vehicles, and vehicle to infrastructure has emerged the best solutions to improve traffic safety.It is on, visible light communication withbig potential ofsimple design for functional efficiency and large area distribution along with usage of Wi-Fi. The intention of this survey on a wide field, Intelligent Transportation Systems functioning with Wi-Fi and Li-Fi is discussed with its real time uses, technologies in communications
doi:10.35940/ijitee.c8466.019320 fatcat:4lvh3uwmqngwxehtfuhneerydy