Approximate databases: a support tool for approximate reasoning

Patrick Doherty, Martin Magnusson, Andrzej Szalas
2006 Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics  
This paper describes an experimental platform for approximate knowledge databases called the Approximate Knowledge Database (AKDB), based on a semantics inspired by rough sets. The implementation is based upon the use of a standard SQL database to store logical facts, augmented with several query interface layers implemented in JAVA through which extensional, intensional and local closed world nonmonotonic queries in the form of crisp or approximate logical formulas can be evaluated tractably.
more » ... graphical database design user interface is also provided which simplifies the design of databases, the entering of data and the construction of queries. The theory and semantics for AKDBs is presented in addition to application examples and details concerning the database implementation.
doi:10.3166/jancl.16.87-117 fatcat:r3khefzkbzgyhjjxqcwnmuddtm