Birth Asphyxia and the Ovarian Reserve: from Spiny Mice to Humans

Evgenia George
Birth asphyxia, a perinatal state of critically reduced blood supply and oxygen tension, is associated with severe multi-organ damage. My research examined the effects of birth asphyxia on ovarian function, and especially the number of follicles in the ovary, in the spiny mouse. The study highlighted the protective effect of creatine treatment during pregnancy on the ovarian reserve after birth asphyxia and provides a new and exciting understanding of the development and function of the ovary
more » ... ter oxygen deprivation at birth. A subsequent clinical study showed links between birth stress and premature ovarian failure in women suggesting a potential treatment.
doi:10.26180/20264616.v1 fatcat:oxmmr2nwz5cczheys7ki23fhhq