An analysis of how health care providers, industry and patients influence health technology assessment around the world

Devarshi Bhattacharyya
2016   unpublished
To achieve the goal of improving the health of the population, all health systems need to take decisions on what interventions they need to provide and how to finance them. For making decisions in a scientific way, policy makers are increasingly looking into rigorous and methodical evidences. With the rapid proliferation of new technologies in health care, health care providers and policymakers want the most cost-effective and efficient technologies. On the other hand, the industry perspective
more » ... s also important to drive this change. This article looks into the different aspects of health technology assessment (HTA) from the view points of the providers and the industry. Then, the perspective of the patients in the HTA process is also highlighted. The article describes the fact that there is divergence between research and policy making and all the different stakeholders in a HTA process need to come together to augment this process.