Histomorphogenesis of The Cerebellum of The Grey Breasted Helmeted Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris galeata) Pre and Post Hatch. I

WanmlWanmi N., Onyeanusi B.I., Nzalak J.O., Aluwong T.
2016 Animal Molecular Breeding  
The cerebellum is a "neuronal machine" that influences primarily motor behaviour, eye movement and conditioning. In this present study, seventy eggs were used for pre and post hatch experiment. At day 11 of the incubation, the cerebellum was observed together with the formation of the ventricular neuroepithelium and the external granular layer (EGL). The cerebellar auricles and vermis appeared by day 18 of incubation and this corresponds to the day the future Purkinje cells was observed. The
more » ... as observed. The single row of the Purkinje cells formed between the granular and molecular layer was established at day 26 pre-hatch. Before the 4th and 8th weeks post-hatch, nucleoli, dendrites and distinct cellular components were formed with a strip of EGL persisting.
doi:10.5376/amb.2016.06.0004 fatcat:q2ishh2yrfcgheflxhuwaz6ys4