The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, December 27, 1915] [article]

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WMhln«ton. Dec. 27 -The Amer-■ mo coneul BrUtoI. ot Port Said, bled today that no waminc wai glv«o to the Japanese liner Voalka Marn before she was torpedoed and sunk In the Mediterranean lost Wed nesday by a submarine of unestabilibed nationality. The liner, be add cd also, made no attempt to escape. The Incident will probably be the subject of further c corres pondence with the Teutonic powers. The general presumption Is that submarine was German or Austrian. It has been suggested that Japan
more » ... ight answer the challenge shipping by a wide participation the srar. even to the extent of tak ing part In the operations In Europe. More HI.I|.|.lnK Dondon. Dec. 27-The Hrltlsll steamer Hadley has been sunk the steamer Umbria bellied at the mouth of the Thames, with a Are for ward. The vessels' crews were The sinking of the Belgian steam-Minuter Bemaert The crew left the steamer In boau. two of which ore missing. The British steamer Colllngham has been sank. The crew was saved. Paris. Dec. 27-The Prenchsst. er Vine de la VIoU. with possen •Ine on Dec. 24. the mlnUtry of marine announced today. Most of the pasaengrs and members of were rescued. ThU was ont of the largest passenger steamers plying the Mediterranean. , London. Dee. 27-It U reported that eight of the passengers r of the Vine de la Vlcta The remainder were saved by Moss liner after the small boaU bad ben out for several hours. The British steamer Geddo bound from Calcutta nk. The crew were saved. BUITISN AND BJANFUES CONVERGI NG IN MESIIPIIFAMIA DrtM. Dec. 27-Via London-A ■rigorous Turkish assault against the BrIUsh forces at Kut El Amsra. In . was driven back Saturday with heavy It to on official report received from General Tbwnsend. the BrIUsh com mander. The report soys: ••Yesterday the enemy Unnehet a netermlnen stuck against a portion of our positions which were repuls ed with enemy loss from six to eight hundred klllea and wounded. O rosualUes were under two hundred. 1. vU London. Der. 27-Tlie defeat by the Russian troops PersU of a formidable fgoree among which were several thousands of Per sian InsurgenU Is reported In an offi cial sutement Issued today by the ment follows: "At several poInU on the Riga front we found our artillery had si lenced the enemy's batteries. South~of IksknI. the Germans atueked our trenches, under the cov et of gas. "On the Dvlnsk front the Germans repeatedly tried to leave their trench es. but were cosily driven back. "In Persia our troops defeated the Germsn-Tnrklsh forces, among whom were several thousand rebels consist Ing of PersUn gendarmerie and otbsrmed with artillery and machine guns. The enemy lost several thglr positions. Many were killed or wounded and the rest fled." 'The ChrUUnas Tree entertainment given by the Methodist Sundsy school et South Wellington on Friday night lost was of unusual interest. The boys and flrls mode manifest their and rh musical and r il Ulents in the production of a high class program, all of which was due to the aacrlflee of time and patience of the superln-Undent, Mrs. George Richardson, who was so ably osslsud by one of South Wellington's noted friends. Mias Waugh. One of the important features of the evening was the ar-Tlval of SonU Claus, who Is known •round the vicinity as Mr. Richards who mode • very appropriate ad dress when introduced to the audi ence. The clilldren greeted him with Next came the .llstrlbution of presenu from the tree. The program was as follows: Opening chorus-The school. ReclUtlon-Kate Rlchar.lson. Dialogue. "ChrUtmss Month." -Thirty-two boys and girla. Dialogue. 'The Favorite Tree."-Three boys. Reading-Haxel Fielding. • DUlogue, ••Christmas Dolngs^^ -Four gIrU. ReclUtlon-Bert Bennett. Tableau. ••Christmas Scenes^^-Two tioys. . Olivo lllchardBon. Instrumental Solo -Mr. Westwell. Dialogue. ••When I'm a Man.' Ten boys. Reading-James Taylor Chorus-"What can the Children Do or. Say?"-ReclUtlon-John Richardson. Quartette. "I'm Going to Grand ma's". Reading-Francis Harrison. Recllatlon.-.Norman Richards. Carol. "When the Holly Blooms Again." School. ••" AT BlJOf THRATRE CHRI STMAS SI LENCED CANNON AT FRONT London. Doc. 26-The spirit of in almost every theatre of war. A virtual truee existed on both the and Ri fronu on Christmas eve. Only dessultory firing, the official Yuletlde celebrations U the trench-;ho unwrapping of millions of presenu from the "folks back borne' and the Impromptu vaudeville < NEWCANDIIE FORMAYONALIY We hear on good authority that Mr. Thomas Hodgson intends once more to otter hlmneU for the mayor alty of Nanaimo for the oomUg year. It will be remembered that Mr. Hodg son opDosed Mayor Planu lost year when he was defeated by »0t votes 274. Puppoolng that Aid. Young
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