Expression and Function of Stress (Heat Shock) Proteins in Digestive Organs
消化器系臓器における熱ショック蛋白質 (分子シャペロン) の発現と機能

2005 Thermal Medicine(Japanese Journal of Hyperthermic Oncology)  
Abstruct : Our recent studies have been focused on the expression and cytoprotective function of heat shock proteins (HSPs) mediated by their function as a molecular chaperone in digestive organs. We have reported that HSP72 (72-kDa heat shock protein, stress-inducible HSP70) has crucial function in the gastric mucosa, colonic mucosa and the liver. In the pancreas, we proved that HSP60 (60-kDa heat shock protein, chaperonin homolog) has cytoprotective function. These evidences lead us to
more » ... effective "chaperone -inducing therapy" including drugs , chemicals and gene therapies which might effective for disease therapy enhancing not only cytoprotective ability but also tissue restoration. In this review, we introduce our previous data.
doi:10.3191/thermalmedicine.21.81 fatcat:p6gefi3mqrdkrhsbqwn5jkxx7y