Leakage Detection in Pipeline using Wavelet Transform Method

Mohd Fairusham Ghazali, Abdul Kadir Samta
This research project is focusing on the leakage detection in the pipelines using wavelet and cepstrum analysis. To fully complete this research project, experimental and analysis by using signal processing are required. This research project proposed a technique which is a transient method. The basic principle is the fact that water spouting out of a leak in a pressurized pipe generates a signal, and this signal contains information to whether a leak exists and where it is located. The present
more » ... transient methods for finding leaks are mainly based upon correlation analysis, where one sensing device is installed at each side of a leak. This method is hard to operate because it needs many operators to operate it due to equipment in different place. This research project proposed a wavelet transform method to detect leakage in the pipeline system. The experimental results show appears to improve the ability of the method to identify features in the signal.
doi:10.31328/jsae.v2i1.941 fatcat:e62gg7xcvfbqhga4t3idf7jukm