Real-time energy management strategy for parking lot considering maximum penetration of electric vehicles

Zexin Yang, Xueliang Huang, Tian Gao, Yu Liu, Shan Gao
2022 IEEE Access  
With the rapid increase of electric vehicles (EVs), the uncoordinated charging of large-scale EVs will inevitably form a new peak of power consumption, which will put forward new requirements for the adjustment of EV charging behavior and the power supply capacity of the distribution network. However, upgrading the infrastructure of the distribution network is very expensive, so it is of great value to research on how to realize the optimal integration of EVs without infrastructure upgrading.
more » ... this paper, an intelligent grouping method is proposed considering the coupling relationship among EV travel information, battery status and other characteristics, and a charging/discharging priority model is established based on the contribution index of charging process. Finally, a smart real-time energy management strategy is formed in order to maximize the penetration level of EVs under current conditions. With the strategy proposed, the maximum penetration level of EVs is increased from 20% to 60% in the simulation. The strategy has good adaptability to the gradually growth of the base load, which can effectively delay infrastructure upgrading of the distribution network and reduce the overall operation cost of the station. It could furtherly provide a reference for the operation and upgrading of the parking lot charging station. INDEX TERMS Intelligent grouping, coupling relationship, charging/discharging priority indicator, smart real-time energy management strategy, penetration level of electric vehicles, parking lot.
doi:10.1109/access.2022.3141377 fatcat:nvlsyfdvtbbczfd6viuupmzt6a