2017 Scientific Bulletin of Naval Academy  
The electrical energy obtained onboard a ship is split up on the engine room on different electrical control panels. The main electrical control panels are usually divided into two, three or four sections, for a better operation of the ship. According to rules and regulations for electrical propulsion, an electrical control panel can take the unfavorable consequences in case of one section breaks down due to a fault. To avoid the usage of an expensive electrical installation, the electrical
more » ... the electrical energy command system is to be split into three or four electrical control panels. In electrical propulsion regime, the electrical control panels are interconnected, resulting into a better flexibility for electrical energy generation mechanism configuration. Losing propulsion or energy maintaining station in one part of the system is going to have an impact on the remaining installations through the control system. The remaining electrical energy must maintain ship's maneuverability, stability and buoyancy. Therefore, we have analyzed the electrical propulsion components, the sequential control of propulsion engines and their limitations.
doi:10.21279/1454-864x-17-i1-038 fatcat:bcppuujujfhevaymveadh6aopy