Broadband photoluminescence in a ceramic (Mg2SnO4–SnO2):Cr3+ system

N. D. C. Santana, A. López, L. P. Sosman, S. S. Pedro
2021 SN Applied Sciences  
AbstractThis study reports the synthesis and photoluminescence spectroscopic studies of Cr3+-doped Mg2SnO4–SnO2 ceramics. The crystal structure was analyzed by X-ray powder diffraction, and photoluminescence was investigated at room temperature. The diffractogram confirmed the presence of Mg2SnO4 and SnO2 phases. Photoluminescence spectroscopy identified broad and intense emission bands assigned to the Cr3+ cation occupation in octahedral Mg2SnO4 sites and an orange band assigned to SnO2
more » ... gned to SnO2 emission. All spectra were analyzed and interpreted according to crystal field theory and Tanabe–Sugano theory for the d3 electronic configuration. The broad and intense emission band covering the visible/near-infrared region suggests that this system may be a promising material for use as an active medium in a broadband light source at room temperature.
doi:10.1007/s42452-021-04161-y fatcat:2lvsgrja7bajrnsjucjuvzurvm