The complexity of first-order and monadic second-order logic revisited

M. Frick, M. Grohe
Proceedings 17th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science  
The model-checking problem for a logic L on a class C of structures asks whether a given L-sentence holds in a given structure in C. In this paper, we give super-exponential lower bounds for fixed-parameter tractable model-checking problems for first-order and monadic second-order logic. We show that unless PTIME = NP, the model-checking problem for monadic second-order logic on finite words is not solvable in time f (k) · p(n), for any elementary function f and any polynomial p. Here k denotes
more » ... the size of the input sentence and n the size of the input word. We establish a number of similar lower bounds for the model-checking problem for first-order logic, for example, on the class of all trees.
doi:10.1109/lics.2002.1029830 dblp:conf/lics/FrickG02 fatcat:absq6vjuu5cuhojbdmluqpso2e