Correlation Analysis between Visceral Manifestation Theories on Xuanfa and Effect of Adrenergic Receptors

Gang Bai, Yuan-yuan Hou, Min Jiang, Jie Gao
2014 Chinese Herbal Medicines  
Chinese visceral manifestation theory states that lung dominates qi, regulates breathing, and governs Xuanfa (dispersing) and Sujiang (descending). Clarifying this theory with modern physiological and pathological knowledge has been considered as an important part of complementary and alternative medicine therapy. Previous studies found that most Xuanfa drugs contained pharmacodynamic ingredients related to adrenergic receptors (ARs) signal transduction. The association of Xuanfa, with the
more » ... ol of breath movement, nutrient transfer, spreading heat to regulate temperature, and helping the heart control blood circulation, coincides with the physiological function of organs dominated by ARs-regulated sympathetic postganglionic fibers. Therefore, we hypothesize that Xuanfa is closely related to ARs-regulated signal transduction. By modern biological knowledge, we tried to evaluate and expound the correlation between the molecular mechanisms of modern physiology or pathology and Xuanfa or Sujiang theory. Ultimately, the research and development of modern drugs should fully expect the guidance from Chinese visceral manifestation theory, and the application of this principle will guide the prevention and clinical treatment of a variety of refractory diseases caused by a change in environment, climate, or lifestyle.
doi:10.1016/s1674-6384(14)60013-7 fatcat:7q6guqiaavg3zakpefgvtby7ky