Study of Self Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks (2).pdf

ganesh E N
Recent advances in low-cost and low-power wireless communication coupled with progress in ad-hocnetworking routing and protocols, have made "wireless sensor networks" a topic of active interest.Typically, hardware components in a wireless sensor network include sensor circuits, analog-todigitalconverters, microprocessors, and wireless communications transceivers. These hardwarecomponents need to be programmed using software tools to work cooperatively toward accomplishinga user-defined task.
more » ... main objectives of such a network are data acquisition and RF transmission.In this paper, we introduce basic concepts in this emerging multidisciplinary research area supportedby references to available commercial products. Two classes of wireless sensor network applicationsin real-life are identified. We have created a comprehensive design framework for an intelligentwireless patient-monitoring system as part of our ongoing work. This introductory paper is expectedto initiate future research projects and strategic collaborations in the Canadian microelectronics andwireless industries
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.19513873.v1 fatcat:sgtmiljmfve6tmv2gc2fiiesz4