Momentum Transformation Connecting aNNPotential in the Nonrelativistic and Relativistic Two-Nucleon Schrödinger Equation

H. Kamada, W. Glöckle
1998 Physical Review Letters  
An analytical relation between center of mass momenta in a nonrelativistic and a relativistic two-nucleon Schr\"odinger equation is proposed which allows to analytically rewrite the two Schr\"odinger equations into each other. As a consequence a NN potential occurring in the relativistic Schr\"odinger equation can be gained from a nonrelativistic one by an analytical procedure. The S-matrices in the two equations are exactly identical and therefore the two-nucleon phase shifts.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.80.2547 fatcat:x25nuyqbyvhhpd6tgzkmt2uxbq