Bulging of 1420 Al-Li alloy based on Pulse Current

Qi Xiong, Xiao-tao Han, Quan-liang Cao, Zhi-peng Lai, Qi Chen, Tao Niu, Zhong-yu Zhou, Hong-liang Hou, Liang Li
2014 Procedia Engineering  
The pulse current auxiliary forming technology has been widely applied for the fabrication of complex sheet metal parts. However, the potential of high-density pulse current to generate high electromagnetic forces, which can be taken as drive forces in forming process, hasn't been paid enough attention. Compared with the traditional gas bulging technology, bulging based on pulse current has two main advantages. One is that metal sheets can be formed directly by electromagnetic forces instead of
more » ... the air pressure, and thus the airtightness of die is not an issue. The other is that the forming performance can be improved by the electro plastic effect induced by pulse currents during deformation. In this paper, to validate the effectiveness of this novel method, a special electromagnetic system for bulging of 1420 Al-Li Alloy has been designed and fabricated, in which a highdensity pulse current flows through two parallel 1420 Al-Li Alloy sheets in opposite directions to generate repulsive forces for bulging. Finally, both the numerical and experimental studies are carried out to study the forming behaviour of sheets.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.10.080 fatcat:ifsidgkvjremnmu7y3bbkalaqe