Improving Security through Software Defined Networking (SDN): AN SDN based Model

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
In this era of virtualization & cloud computing, software defined networking has created a lots of buzz and has shown a great innovation through network programmability towards the better future networks. In this paper the rich concept of the SDN has been compared with the traditional networks based on the fundamental models. This paper evaluates the current security status, and states what can be done to improve it through SDN. In this work an SDN based security approach has been taken into
more » ... sideration with advanced analysis on security aspects which shows how the overall security of the network can be enhanced with SDN. Mininet which is an SDN emulator has been utilized to perform various operations for implementation, testing and analysis. The proposed Security model based on SDN analytics has been presented with implementation and promising research directions. This work can be beneficial for researches as well as network engineers in the area of SDN who want to secure and scale their network through the flexibility in SDN
doi:10.35940/ijrte.d6814.118419 fatcat:fh7o5n7unjcfje2z6kgsai67uu