Reinvestigations of the Wood Anatomy of Duabanga and Sonneratia With Particular Reference to Their Systematic Position

R. Vijendra Rao, Laxmi Chauhan, R. Dayal, Babulal Sharma
1987 IAWA Journal  
The wood anatomy of Duabanga and Sonneratia is described in detail. Based on the present investigation as well as on the well recognised differences between these two genera, their systematic position is discussed. The study endorses the suggestion made by Dahlgren and Thorne (1984) to raise the status of these two genera to two subfamilies within the Lythraceae. The ecological differences between these two genera in relation to their xylem anatomy is also discussed.
doi:10.1163/22941932-90000452 fatcat:lmz2pih2g5chtcjqxe3zjic7au