Catalogue of ornamental trees & plants / [book]

1879 unpublished
This collection was exhibited in the class 'New Plants'^^^The display gave evidence of careful selection, and was rich in rare novelties, all neatly arranged, and distinctly named on conspicuous labels. " In variegated forms this exhibit was especially interesting, the most notable being a variegated paper-mulberry, Broiissojietia Papyrifera, the leaves showing large, distinct blotches of white variegation ; ihis pn-mises to be a valuable addition to our hardy ornamental trees, and will add a
more » ... s, and will add a new feature in landscape scenery, if the variegation proves constant. " The variegated Mahaleb cherry, Carasus Mahaleb, \s also a valuable acquisition ; this forms a medium-sized tree, of dense symmetrical habit, producing highly fragrant blossoms in early summer. "A new variegated-leaved peach ; the variegated form of the Cornelian cherry, Cornm mascula ; and the variegated Gingko, Salisburia adianiifoUa , were also noted. "Purple-leaved plants were exemplified in the purple birch, Eetula alba purpurea, and the purpleleaved peach. "Cut-leaved plants were represented by a few of the most distinct of these forms. Wier's cut-leaved silver maple, a comparatively new introduction, is a decided acquisition in ornamental trees ; the leaves are uniformly and delicately divided at their edges, and the branches assume a graceful pendulous position ; the growth of the plant is vigorous and massive, with great promise of beauty as the tree increases in height. "The cut-leaved alders are rapid growing trees, very symmetrical in form, and are not excelled for planting in well-kept, trim lawns ; with these were associated good illustrative specimens of the cut-leaved Gingko, the cut-leaved birch, and the cut-leaved linden, Tilia Europma laciniata, also a plant of the cut-leaved sumach, probably the most beautiful of all hardy plants of this peculiar form of leaf, its large leaves being so minutely divided as to convey the impression that they belong to some species of fern ; an admirable plant for select shrubbery, borders, or groups. "Of pendulous or weeping trees, a variety of the peach was conspicuous for the delicacy of the branches, and their exceed mgly pendant growth, seemingly quite superior to older pendulous vaiieties of this species : it was marked " Hance's new weeping peach." Betula alba pendula Youngii, Young's weeping birch, a pendulous form of the cypress, Taxodium disticlium, and several weeping elms, were characteristic of this always attractive form of trees. " This collection was further enriched by a few of the best distinct shrubs, such as the di uble-flowered Deutzia crenata ; Deutzia Fortunii ; the double-flowered crimson currant, hibes sanguinea; Spircea TJmnbergii ; Daphne GicenTca, which produces a profusion of bluish flowers in early spring; several fine /'i£?'villas-a variegated-leaved privet; various choice Hybiscus and Hydrangeas, and doulsle-flowering plums and cherries.
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