Council Business

1922 The Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association (1912)  
A. pH. A. CoUNCrL LETTER No. 15. Ohio; No. 315, Frank Harry Weis, 1201 P q k -(Abstract.) wood Drive, Cleveland, Ohio; No. 316, A. Allison James, 723 W. End Boulevard, Win-78. Applicants 278-307 elected to active ston-Salem, N. C.; No. 317, James Dickson memhership. Xutt, 820 Market St., Wilmington, N. C.; 79. Request that an additional $10 bi appro-NO. 318, Mark P. Souiller, Washington Arcade, priated for the Scientific Section. Under date c/o Gorenfle Pharmacy, Detroit, Mich.; No. of May 29,
more » ... 922, Chairman Heber W. Young-319, Walter E. Mayer, Washington Arcade, ken of the Scientific Section writes as follows: c/o Gorenfle Pharmacy, Detroit, Mich.; S o . "I have just heard from Secretary Viehoevcr 320, Otto C. Laabs, 1929 Vliet St., Milwaukee, of the Scientific Section of thc A. Ph. A. He Wis.; No. 321, Charles William Schrag, Jr., has sent me bills for stationery, postage and 59 S. Forest Ave., Youngstown, 0.; No. 322, mimeographing for our section slightly exceed-Ralph Pollock White, 402 W. Federal St., ing $25 and states he will require $10 more t o Youngstown, Ohio; No. 323, William Frederick cover the remaining expenses to be incurred Walter, 1101 E. 74th St., Cleveland. Ohio; before the meetings in August. No. 324, Charles McDonald Andrcws. Hills-"I therefore move that $10 additional be boro, N. C.; No. 325, Claude E. Banicklow, appropriated for carrying on the work of the 1315 Main St., Great Bend, Kans.; No. 326, Scientific Section during the present year."
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