1915 Journal of the American Medical Association  
The dose of the mixture does not depend on the amount of drug taken by the patient, nor on the size, weight or length of time that the patient has been under the influence of the drug. Some patients, I was informed at the Townes Hospital, are under influence of the mixture while taking from only 2 to 4 drops, the average dosage being about 12 drops, and the greatest amount administered to any patient has been 30 drops. It is impossible to state with precision the exact quantity which may cause
more » ... eath, belladonna with its component, atropin, being one of the substances whose effect, varying in different cases, seems to depend on special constitutional tendencies or idiosyncrasies of the individuals. Some persons can take a comparatively large amount with impunity, while others scarcely bear a very moderate dose without exhibiting unpleasant symptoms. This case is reported because of the great tolerance to belladonna, the patient taking about 1 ounce of tincture of belladonna, IS per cent., within twenty-four hours, for several days without toxic symptoms. 2493 Broadway. ROUNDWORM WITHIN THE BODY OF A TONSIL A. B. Midbleton, M.D., Pontiac, III. M. A., a girl, aged 8, of German parents, referred by Dr. E. M. Adams of Gridley, 111., gave the following history : She was one of four children, all healthy ; the father and the mother were the same. The parents say that the child was a fat girl till 2 years of age, at which time she had chickenpox, and has not been well since. When Dr. Adams first saw the child she was pale, anemic, thin, very much undersized for her age, with an adenoidal expression, etc. The mother says the child has had regular bilious spells for two or three days at a time once every three weeks ; she never had sore throat, but is a constant mouth breather. Both tonsils were enlarged and submerged, the right paler than the left. The child was operated on in the usual manner under a general anesthetic for the enucleation of the tonsils and adenoids. The child was on her left side, the right tonsil being in plain view. As the snare wire began to
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