Noise properties of high-Tc superconducting flux transformers fabricated using chemical-mechanical polishing

M. Chukharkin, A. Kalabukhov, J. F. Schneiderman, F. Öisjöen, O. Snigirev, Z. Lai, D. Winkler
2012 Applied Physics Letters  
Reproducible high-temperature superconducting multilayer flux transformers were fabricated using chemical mechanical polishing. The measured magnetic field noise of the flip-chip magnetometer based on one such flux transformer with a 9 Â 9 mm 2 pickup loop coupled to a bicrystal dc SQUID was 15 fT/Hz 1/2 above 2 kHz. We present an investigation of excess 1/f noise observed at low frequencies and its relationship with the microstructure of the interlayer connections within the flux transformer.
more » ... flux transformer. The developed high-T c SQUID magnetometers may be advantageous in ultra-low field magnetic resonance imaging and, with improved low frequency noise, magnetoencephalography applications.
doi:10.1063/1.4738782 fatcat:ecdnv64qcnd23gar6thfldatba