Design and Analysis on Compact Fin Heat Exchangers with Perforations

Gandi Saichandar, M Tech, K Ratna Kumari
This paper aims at optimizing the performance of plate fin heat exchangers with the help of perforations using FLUENT software. The widespread use of the heat exchangers design has ensured that there are numerous dimensional variations and shown that changes in dimensional parameters affect the performance. It is then important to understand how the geometry of compact heat exchanger can affect its performance. Therefore an investigation into the parametric effect on the global performance on
more » ... al performance on types of plate fin heat exchangers (plain fin, circular and elliptical perforated fin, strip offset fin with and without perforations) are modeled and simulated at same boundary conditions (low Reynolds number). From the results, the heat transfer behaviour, Nusselt number, j and f factors are analyzed and compare all the parameters for different types of plate fin heat exchangers.