Rotational vibration absorber for the mitigation of rail rutting corrugation

Christophe Collette, Mihaita Horodinca, Andre Preumont
2009 Vehicle System Dynamics  
Torsional vibrations of metro wheel sets are known to be involved in the wavelength-fixing mechanism of the rutting-type rail corrugation. In the first part of this paper, the basic conditions for this type of wear to appear are established using a theory developed in the frequency domain. The efficiency of a dynamic vibration absorber tuned to the first torsional resonance of the wheel set to mitigate rutting corrugation is evaluated numerically. In the second part, the phenomenon is studied
more » ... a quarter-scale test bench. The scaling laws for wheel-roller wear predictions are established. The efficiency of the dynamic vibration absorber is evaluated on the scaled bench. The results are compared with theoretical predictions from a linear model. Additionally, the measurements are compared with numerical results from a multi-body model portraying the experiment.
doi:10.1080/00423110802339792 fatcat:aqn7ft6rcjd25ckzecmnv2bzqi