Challenges in Retrorectal Cysts: Is Preoperative Diagnosis Essential?

2020 Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons  
Developmental cysts are a subgroup of perirectal cysts seen extremely rarely. They have no symptoms in 50% of cases, and mostly occur among middle-aged women. The ratio of male to female is approximately 1/3. In the differential diagnosis, malignancies and pilonidal cysts are common. Although they usually occur as benign lesions, 30% of cases are reported as malignant in literature. Preoperative diagnosis is quite challenging, but may be essential for appropriate treatment. The main treatment
more » ... surgical removal of the entire cyst for the prevention of complications and the potential for malignancy. In addition to the trans-sacral or perineal approach, anterior laparoscopy can be performed as an optional surgical technique. Herein, we report two consecutive patients with two different developmental cyst pathologies. A 17-year girl, who had no specific symptoms for a retrorectal giant cyst, was admitted to this clinic because of pilonidal cyst disease. A giant retrorectal cyst was diagnosed through pelvic MRI,which was performed upon her reporting a mild fullness feeling. The other cyst was diagnosed in a 30-year woman who had mild gastrointestinal symptoms that could not be related to the cyst. Both underwent surgery via the trans-sacral approach. The cysts were completely removed without abdominal intervention. Key Words: Epidermoi cyst, Pilonidal cyst, Tail-gut cyst, Retrorectal Space.
doi:10.29271/jcpsp.2020.04.429 pmid:32513367 fatcat:s2zthetznff3bavgsh6qdnpeje